Computerized Maintenance Management System

Manufacturing organizations everywhere struggle with the challenge of providing operational capacity for their organization. Maintenance endeavors to achieve this by increasing the reliability of the equipment or process through effective Preventive Maintenance and effective material and labor budget utilization. The best way to achieve these efforts is through effective planning and scheduling. Qualified Planner/Schedulers in a proactive, mature, structured and disciplined maintenance organization can greatly impact the success of meeting these challenges. CMMS software aims for effective maintenance planning, scheduling and breakdown analysis.

CMMS stands for Computerized Maintenance Management System. A CMMS software maintains a computer database of information about an organization’s maintenance operation. This software helps maintenance teams keep a record of all assets they are responsible for, schedule and track maintenance tasks and keep a historical record of work they perform. This software is designed to assist in the planning, management and administrative procedures required for effective maintenance. Maintenance related data can be entered directly into the computer and reports can be generated automatically or on demand by computer.

The main objective of the solution is to provide a comprehensive, easy to use, universal maintenance solution which can be implemented at any level. CMMS software has been successfully running in numerous organizations, providing a highly efficient maintenance solution, reducing downtime and ensuring high productivity of the manufacturing units.


  • Inability to maintain Preventive Maintenance Order.
  • Lack of an efficient way to track breakdowns.
  • Lack of reporting and analysis for viewing patterns.
  • Inefficient T-Card management.
  • Difficulty in linking and embedding work instructions for tasks/assets.
  • Difficult to calculate utility performance.


    Preventive Maintenance

    Now you can do preventive maintenance (PM) and safety inspections on time, every time. Create preventive and scheduled maintenance work orders from your templates and trigger them by any combination of date, time, meter readings, alarms or events. You can even nest your PM tasks and schedules for maximum efficiency. Complete with tasks, priorities and notifications so you can do the right maintenance at the right time.

    Breakdown Maintenance

    Breakdown Maintenance helps to build right root cause analysis and develop better maintenance schedules. Breakdown Maintenance is a repair that is done when equipment has already broken down. This maintenance focuses on restoring the equipment to its normal operating condition. The broken-down equipment is returned to working within service specifications by replacing or repairing faulty parts and components.

    Corrective Maintenance

    Corrective maintenance is any maintenance performed to return equipment to proper working order. Depending on the context of its use, it may refer to maintenance due to a breakdown or maintenance identified through a condition monitoring program. Corrective maintenance is a maintenance task performed to identify, isolate and rectify a fault so that the failed equipment, machine or system can be restored to an operational condition within the tolerances or limits established for in-service operations. It can be either planned or unplanned. The process of corrective maintenance begins with a diagnosis of the failure to determine why it occurred. The diagnostic process can include:

  • Physical inspection of a system
  • Use of a diagnostic computer to evaluate the system
  • Interviews with users
  • Numerous other steps


  • Reduce costs, increase asset life and eliminate production stoppages through CMMS.
  • Affecting inventory control enabling better spare parts forecasting to eliminate shortages and minimize existing inventory.
  • Prevent machine failure through optimized preventive maintenance plans. Analyze faults and improve OEE, MTBF through CMMS.
  • Generate MIS reports for plant managers and management. Know where you are heading. Plan your actions and strategies through CMMS software.
  • Detection of impending problems before a failure occurs resulting in fewer failures and customer complaints.
  • Achieving a higher level of planned maintenance activities that enables a more efficient use of staff resources.
  • Maintaining optimal equipment performance that reduces downtime and results in longer equipment life.