How We Work


What we commence from is the definition of the best outsourcing model that addresses the client needs. We can take full ownership on both development process and business requirements or just provide staff expansion for existing team. However, regardless of the model we always build long-term partnership on transparency, reliance & professionalism. Therefore, our recommended approach is team extension rather than fixed price since we want to provide maximum transparency and flexibility for the customer and share still providing ownership and responsibility for the success. With team extension, the supplier provides a remote dedicated core team with the look, feel and behavior of the customer’s own engineering center. The supplier also controls team health and progress while the customer’s teams drive product vision and top-level resource planning. The CIPL team feels like another division of your unified engineering organization. While your teams drive the product vision and top-level resource planning for all engineers, we take care of our team’s day-to-day progress, quality, and team motivation.


The demand of IT is leaning toward more Agile and Lean approaches as they allow better addressing the need of changing business decreasing time to market of every new release. Our approach at CIPL is to start from the Big Picture and building solid design during Sprint-0 and then move with iterative agile approach. We feel it is important to understand the objectives and customize the team, processes, tools and communications for each unique client.

As a result, our Agile approach provides the following advantages:

  • Ability to manage changing priorities
  • Improved project visibility
  • Increased productivity
  • Enhanced software quality
  • Reduced risks
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Better alignment between IT & Business Objectives
  • Improved/increased engineering discipline


    People are the key to success. Our people are our best asset. We handpick only the best engineers based on exceptional system programming skills, proven software development track record, creativity and strong analytical skills. We do arduous people selection resulting in only best receiving an offer to join. Almost all of our engineers have a master’s degree or higher.


    Our approach is to only work with clients with whom we can form long term relationships and where our veracity, integrity and process fit their way of working. Because we take a long-term methodology, we invest considerable time in getting to know your business, your technical requirements and what you are looking for from your software partner. We do this to ensure we continue to provide you with excellent service that ensures your software meets your business goals.

    This process starts at the beginning of the relationship, whether we are estimating a development project, or looking to take on the support of an existing tailored system. We will ensure we spend adequate time with you to gain a rigorous understanding of what you are looking to achieve, now and in the future. Our technical team will provide a full and detailed proposal, outlining the risks and options of each technical option. Clients are often surprised at how quickly we understand their systems and technical problems; our familiarization process is so thorough that our support team can make system enhancements on the first day of taking on the support of a third party system.


    Whether we are developing a new system, or supporting an existing system, you will always have direct access to the technical team. We will keep you updated with regular project updates, face to face meetings and service reviews. Our teams are highly qualified and able to explain what the impact a technical change will have on your system and your business. We regularly run user workshops as part of our requirements gathering process, but our teams are highly skilled in bringing your team on board with the project.


    Quality is at the heart of everything we do and runs through our business; from recruitment and training the best team to delivering the best software solutions for our clients. We have an arduous quality management system covering the methods we use to estimate, design, develop, test, support and host the software we produce. This focuses on reducing risks and helps to ensure that we understand your needs and helps you verify that we understand them. We have an excellent reputation for and track record of delivering stable software on time and on budget as a result of using our quality management system.


    CIPL was formed with a strong focus on its core values to accomplish its mission. We are a team of experts who share a passion for applying innovation and technology to enable us to become a successful company. We are focused on the growth of our customers and employees and improving the performance of IT services and operations using our expertise. The pillar of the company is our Employees. Our core values are based on trust, respect, integrity, honesty and innovation to meet the users/clients expectations and market challenges. We deliver our customers what they expect – THE BEST.