Production Management System

Efficient plant / manufacturing unit performance is of immense importance to any organization. Any low efficiency, loss of yields, and wastages are a clear drain from the bottom line; on the contrary an organization which can ensure an efficient manufacturing operation is able to mobilize greater funds to grow the business.

PMS is highly efficient, user friendly system that is available in single location and multiple location versions. The main function of this system to track all the key business drivers of a manufacturing plant and converting them to most efficient MIS system which ensures quick decision making – and thus quick resolution of the issues.

If you are a multiple location operation – then the system is capable of providing you benchmarking reports across the locations. At a glance benchmarking to identify the opportunities and take the best practices across.

This system facilitates the efficient monitoring of plant and production operations. Productivity Management System is a data compilation, data analysis and management information generation system which yields the output in terms of Key Performance Indicators, and flexible MIS structure as per the key focus areas of the organization.

The Key Performance Indicators covered under PMS are:
  • Asset and capacity Utilization
  • Manufacturing Efficiencies
  • Equipment downtime and utilization
  • Yield & Usage of ingredients
  • Energy utilization
  • Labor productivity

  • PMS provides management with standardized data using a process that is easy to maintain. Data creation at shop floor / shift or per hour is rolled up to a plant level and further at the enterprise level to clear evaluate the manufacturing P&L. This provides a clear line of sight to the senior management to generate appropriate corrective actions and at the same time pick up the best practices and reapply them across the enterprise.