Poor traceability of the trucks in your factory and warehouse yards leads to operational inefficiencies like poor utilization of loading work force, overtime and inability to dispatch vehicles as per the required sequence. Monitoring the exact movement of the trucks in your facility improves truck turnaround time. The challenge is to find an easily implementable solution that helps you accomplish the required capabilities with lesser investments.

CIPL’s VeTrac (Vehicle Tracking) system uses RFID smart tags attached to each vehicle and fixed readers are mounted in pre-determined areas to monitor the trucks from the time they report at your facility, track and guide their movement inside, ensure correct docking and also log their exit from the facility. It also integrates with your facility security systems to enforce entry and exit controls. All vehicular movements are tracked and logged by the system and you can analyze and generate reports/alerts as per your requirements.


CIPL specializes in providing cost-effective automatic identification and data capture solutions for vehicle tracking. Our solution comes with a configurable rules engine that allows easy set-up and modification of controls for vehicular movement. Your yard managers will not only have the ability to set-up your facility for maximum efficiency but also re-configure the system to accommodate yard contingencies.


RFID stands for "Radio Frequency Identification". RFID technology is used in the modern day world to gain the competitive advantage by providing rapid and reliable identification and tracking capabilities. This technology helps in improving the flexibility in the system, reduce the manual intervention and manual errors, improve the productivity. Business benefits help to accomplish a quicker return on investments made in this technology.


  • RFID Reader Tag (as per requirement)
  • LAN Network
  • Computer (as per requirement)


  • asp.net (front-end)
  • SQL Server (back-end)
  • Web/Windows based Data Analytics and Reporting
  • Generate the Reports
  • SMS alerts (to managers and drivers)
  • IVR