Online PMS


Online PMS (Production Monitoring System) transforms any factory into a smart factory, increasing efficiency and reducing environmental impact in the process. Once installed, our technology listens to a factory's machine-to-machine communication, analyzes that data in real time, and provides powerful, customized tools and insights to factory operators and managers alike.



Our technology detects even the most subtle irregularities in your manufacturing process, giving
you the information you need to stop productivity-killing problems before they arise.


By streamlining your production process; Online PMS helps you avoid
premature equipment wear and costly repairs.

Painless Integration

With minimal hardware requirements which plugs directly into your system.
Installation takes less than three hours and you don't have to disrupt your
production schedule to make it happen.


Once installed, our technology does the rest, independent of disruptive customizations,
dedicated technicians or other time-consuming human oversight.


Our subscription-based service covers installation and maintenance of Online PMS system,
real-time observation and analysis ofyour factory's processes and instant communication
of the resulting insights directly to you.

Your Bottom Line

By increasing efficiency, reducing wear on your machinery and minimizing your energy
needs; Online PMS helps you spend less and earn more. arise.


Reduce Changeover Times

Reducing changeover times is one of the best ways to boost efficiency at your plant. Manufacturers who mishandle the changeover process even slightly are wasting valuable time. Every manufacturing process has periods of time where equipment is unavailable due to material changes, tooling changes, program changes, part changes or any other changes to production that must be performed while the equipment is stopped. By applying best practices to changeovers, their duration can often be reduced to less than 10 minutes.

Reduce Cycle Times

The Cycle time loss occurs whenever equipment runs slower than its maximum theoretical speed (the Ideal Cycle Time). It’s an aspect of production that benefits greatly from an automated measurement as cycle losses are tremendously difficult to capture manually. As a result, many manufacturers find that cycle time losses are hidden – they are not tracked and not acted upon.

Reduce Downtime

Downtime typically gets a high level of focus in manufacturing. Reducing downtime is essential for manufacturing and packaging operations. Lost time can result in higher costs for an organization as well as failing to meet client orders and specifications. Equipment failures and breakdowns are highly visible and for most manufacturers unplanned stops are the single largest source of lost production time. Reducing down time is often the fastest and most direct path to improved manufacturing productivity. Unfortunately, many companies don’t realize that their down time information is both inaccurate and insufficient. Fortunately, this is an easy problem to fix.

Improve Productivity

In manufacturing today, technology can facilitate many aspects of production. It can be difficult to know where to start when embarking on a broad program to improve manufacturing productivity. There's a lot of well-written and insightful theory, but much less in the way of practical tips and insights. So while you are evaluating large-scale initiatives like Lean Manufacturing, Theory of Constraints and Six Sigma, we have handpicked three strategies for delivering quick wins:

  • Accurately capture information that identifies your losses (Information).
  • Use that information to identify your priorities (Focus).
  • Take a thoughtful, thorough and sustained action (Action).

  • PMS Displays

    Displaying your PMS score in real-time brings an entirely new momentum to PMS improvement initiatives. PMS reports are usually only available to managers as a record of what happened in the past. You can learn from the past – but you can’t change it. On the other hand, you can most definitely change the future and the best way to do that is to take action today – preferably right now. Displaying PMS or related metrics in real-time enables supervisors to proactively set live targets and enables your production team to immediately see the results of their improvement actions.

    Production Counters

    Use production counters for much more than just counting – use them to drive improved productivity. Did you know that with seven sensors you can generate literally dozens of meaningful and insightful metrics that will help you improve manufacturing productivity? Metrics like Down Time, Run Time, Cycle Time, First Pass Yield, Efficiency, OEE, TEEP(Total Effective Equipment Performance) and so many more.


    In the manufacturing industry, achieving operational efficiency means facilities are managed in a cost-effective way and clients receive the deliverables they want. KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are a proven tool for aligning the actions of individuals. They focus a different group of people into a high-performance team. When KPIs are used in manufacturing there is an extra dimension to consider – the importance of communicating real-time KPIs to plant floor employees. The scoreboards are a perfect way to communicate real-time KPIs to your plant floor team. We recommend that you design real-time scoreboards to communicate three types of information: Expectations (“Where should we be?”), Performance (“Where are we?”) and Achievement (“How are we doing?”).

    Daily Analysis Report

    One of the core lean manufacturing principles is to use Daily Analysis Report to match the pace of production to customer demand. In practice, many companies choose to use Daily Analysis Report in a slightly different way – to pace actual production to the expected rate of production (the customer in this case being an “internal” entity). Paying attention into Daily Analysis Report will help you develop a steady rhythm in production and make it much easier to know if you are ahead, behind or right on schedule.


    CIPL’s cutting-edge science revolutionizes the way that manufacturing facilities manage their operations, arming factory workers and CEOs alike with game-changing tools, insights and visibility. The result? More efficient, profitable and sustainable operations for any factory, anywhere.

    Anomaly Detection

    Observes and analyzes the entire manufacturing process in real time, pinpointing irregularities at their source.


    Provides deep performance analyses of a plant’s behavior in the context of materials, maintenance, operations and beyond.